“The Virgin Suicides” is a dreamy, stylish, often sad film from director Sofia Coppola (based off the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides). Its main characters are five blonde sisters, growing up in a house extremely isolated and closed off from the outside world. It’s a statement on youth, nature, family, depression, and growing up.  And it’s

Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson) is the blonde, spiral-haired free spirit in Cameron Crowe’s autobiographical 2000 film, “Almost Famous.” She was also a real person. She is pure 70’s groupie — excuse me, “band-aid.” Her style is both a product of the decade and something altogether her own. Despite spending most of her life

“Clueless” is the hilarious, Austen-based movie that stood the test of time to become truly a classic. It’s one of the most quoted movies of all time. And what 90’s girl didn’t drool with envy over Cher’s computer-catalogued wardrobe and automated closet?  Cher, played by the talented Alicia Silverstone, has become a fashion icon. She

80s fashion was bold, wild, reckless. And Madonna was one of its pioneers. In “Desperately Seeking Susan,” she faces off against Rosanna Arquette in a stylish, eccentric movie that seems to perfectly encompass this strangely stylish decade.  Think big hair. Studded boots. Red lipstick. Funky jackets. Harem pants. Beauty marks that may or may not

Lots of blogs like to rehash the same Woody Allen film over and over again: “Annie Hall.” While it’s a great movie, and Diane Keaton’s ties and khakis are certainly iconic, I wanted to take a road less traveled.  Woody Allen has always cited filmmaker Ingmar Bergman as one of his favorite artists and one